Steps to maintain deliverancedeliverance maintenance

It is important to understand that remaining free of satanic prisons is not automatic. Freedom requires forgiveness and great commitment to principles of freedom. Here are some things that you can to do maintain your freedom:

Consciously allow Jesus to rule as your Lord and obey him in all areas of life.

Maintain a healthy routine of spiritual disciplines

  • Maintain a daily quiet time, keeping a diary of your difficulties and victories
  • Read the Bible every day
  • Involve yourself in a small group or Christian community
  • Keep yourself full of the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18)

Take responsibility for the difficulties in your life

  • Don’t expect others to fight your battles for you
  • Don’t be passive
  • Don’t return to old patterns that caused your problems in the past

Practice forgiveness as a lifestyle

  • Remember that forgiveness is a free will decision that you make and not a feeling
  • Forgive quickly, no matter how hurt you feel
  • You may find that you must forgive some people repeated times for the same offense (forgive 70×7 times)

Make restitution for any debts you owe

  • Return any stolen goods you have in your possession
  • If you owe someone an apology, do it! Apologize face to face
  • Ask forgiveness and don’t put it off

Change your lifestyle if necessary

  • If watching television is a problem, stop watching it
  • If a friend is trying to get you to go back to old habits, stop spending time with him
  • Consciously change any bad habits you may have acquired like gossip, criticism, overeating, worldly literature, lies . . . (make your own list)

Learn to combat temptation

  • Sing praise songs, reading the Psalms
  • Pray fervently in the spirit
  • Take authority over evil spirits that try to bother you by sending them away in Jesus’ name
  • When you feel vulnerable, ask others to pray for you

If you fall into sin, repent quickly thus closing the door to the enemy

Do not permit that sin or other problems separate you from God, continue to trust in the forgiveness by the blood of Jesus Christ over your life.

Fight the good fight against the enemy

When you feel overcome by any problem or when the enemy attacks or tempts you again, appropriate your deliverance immediately. Identify the open door that occasioned the problem, close it (forgive, repent, ask forgiveness, firmly renounce the action, attitude or spirit involved), steadfastly break the power of any one of the mentioned things in the name of Jesus and cast out any spirit involved in the name of Jesus.

The following illustration was taken from a publication by Neil Anderson:

If I visited your house tonight and knocked on your door, you would first come to see who was there and then you would have a choice to make. You could open the door to allow me to come in, or you could keep the door closed and deny me access. In the same way, when the enemy tries to invade your mind with lies and accusations, you have a choice to make. You can choose to allow those thoughts to come in, or you can deny them access. To “open the door” to the enemy’s lies, you simply remain passive. You let him set the agenda for your thoughts. To “close the door,” you take your thoughts captive; you decide what to believe.