aspects that affect worshipWhen a car engine is not properly starting, you do not solve the problem by checking the air pressure in the tires. God’s ways are just as defined as any scientific or mechanical law. There must be a specific reason why a meeting is going well and why another meeting fails to flow. We will list some principles that affect praise and worship in meetings, whether positive or negative.

1.    Prayer

The worship leader, the musicians and other leaders have come to the meeting already having prayed sufficiently. If we want to have a powerful meeting with praise that flows well, we must pay the price in prayer before the meeting.

2.   Faith and dependence

When the leaders possess sufficient faith to enter into the emphasis that the Spirit wants to bring, there is complete dependence and the abandonment of all self-confidence, then there will be an adequate atmosphere for God to act.

3.   Choice of adequate songs

This is important because, if we randomly choose songs for worship, there will be no emphasis in the meeting. However, if we adequately choose them, according to the emphasis that the Holy Spirit wants to bring, then this choice will influence the level of praise.

4.   Spend time with God

If we are willing to spend time ministering before God, then we can expect to see great manifestations of his presence.

5.   New leader

The people may not yet feel accustomed to the worship leader and as a result, they do not feel secure. If the people feel insecure, they will not correspond and consequently this insecurity will affect the level of praise.

6.   Location

When there are few people in a large physical building, there is a sensation of dispersion, of attention as well as expression. We must encourage the people to move closer to each other in order to have more flow in worship.

7.   Tone of the music

When the music is in a key that is too high, the people have a hard time singing. This disperses attention and disrupts praise

8.   Tiredness

In midweek meetings, many people arrive tired after a long day of work. Under these circumstances, sometimes it is good for them to remain seated, so that they can better respond to worship and praise. If we deny them this, we will be harming the meeting.

9.   Too many distractions

If the people are seated when they should be standing or if there is a lack of attention in the atmosphere, this must be corrected, otherwise, we will not be able to lead the people anywhere.


The refinement of the ability to lead praise takes years to accomplish, therefore be patient with yourself and with the musicians with whom you are working who also commit mistakes. God allows a lot of room for our mistakes. No meeting is lost because we were unable to attain the ideal. We must learn to recuperate in the midst of mistakes and learn from them so that we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. It should be obvious that the devotional life of the praise leader is of highest importance in order to move in the level of the spirit. It is not necessary to see these directions as methods to lead people into the spiritual dimension, but merely as some tips to help us be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We can only give that which we ourselves have; therefore, the worship leader must spend a lot of time in prayer and preparation just as the person who ministers the Word.