power of passionWhen we do things out of passion, God releases a certain power to and through us. The game breaker for a fruitful leader is his passion, the driving force of his heart. Whatever burns from within, can be smelled from without. Passion is the fire of the deep desire that attracts others. When we are passionate about something, we attract others to walk with us.

Passion can be wrongly interpreted, but for us, passion is represented by some key attitudes. We don’t manifest all of these attitudes all of the time, but if we have passion they will be present from time to time: fervor, intensity, perseverance and tenacity, pleasure and joy in the work, the desire for innovation and new experiences and dreams of the heart.

Why is passion so important?

  • It is the first step to any conquest
  • It activates potential
  • It influences the life of others and changes them
  • It establishes and maintains our priorities
  • It makes the impossible happen
  • It is a spiritual protection

When we lose passion

We lose passion when we allow the vision to become common and without value. We cannot speak of the vision in vain. Neither should we transform it into the object of jokes or associated it with unimportant things.

We lose passion when we allow routine to dominate us. We must break the power of routine so that it doesn’t extinguish our passion. We accomplish this through the renewal of cycles, by establishing new and higher goals. We must face challenges not flee from them. We must remain outside of our zone of comfort.

We lose passion when we begin to depend on external motivation. This happens when we are fuelled by applause. Our motivation must be to remain in Christ. Competition with others destroys our original passion.

We lose our passion when we permit the apathy of the world to contaminate us. Don’t seek personal comfort as your first priority. We live in a generation void of ideas whose pattern is playing video games, surfing the Internet, watching television and passivity before the world. We want to finish everything rapidly merely to go back to being idle and doing nothing. We feel like we are taking advantage of life when we are not doing anything. This is the death that the devil has injected into the world without God.

How to maintain passion and fervor

  • Believe that passion is decisive in order to grow as a disciple.
  • Reactivate your fellowship with God. If we ask for passion, the Lord will hear us.
  • Walk with people who have the same passion.
  • Recognize the need for spiritual connections. Holy connections protect us.
  • Passion is contagious.
  • Renew the convictions of your calling in order to serve God in this vision.
  • Activate your spiritual gifts.
  • Do not operate in areas to which God has not called you.