The true spirit of leadership is a matter of mentality and not of techniques or methods. A wolf that has been raised as a dog may appear to be a domesticated animal, but he will always have the cry for the wilderness within him. Since God created man to govern and to lead, he will always have this cry from within his heart.

What would cause a wolf to live as a dog? I can think of several answers such as, comfort, the convenience of receiving everything with no effort and no need to hunt, the security of having food every day or in other words, the fear of the pressure of fending for itself. The problem of the wolf that lives like a dog is that he would not live out what God created him to be, thus he would never be truly content.


False myths about leadership affect our mentality and block the spirit of leadership within us. You were born to lead, but you still must become a leader. God has placed the spirit of leadership within every person, since we were all created in the image and likeness of God. However, this potential must be awakened. In order for this to occur, we must first debunk some leadership myths.

  • The myth that leaders are born, not made (see illustration Everyone a leader)
  • The myth that leadership is the will of God for only some people
  • The myth that leaders have the most charismatic personality
  • The myth that leaders are mostly authoritarian and more temperamental than most people are
  • The myth that leadership is a result of some super special training

It is important that we clearly understand that leadership is the means that God has chosen to fulfill His work and that it is something that will spontaneously flow if we enter into the principles of the Word of God.